Video accounts for 80% of all internet traffic. Still think you can compete without video?


Videos are the ideal format for content consumption. That’s why 87% of marketers incorporate video into their content strategies.

At ConnecTheDot, we use video at every stage of the sales funnel because it’s the most efficient, effective way to convey messages, illustrate complex ideas and persuade stakeholders.

Justifying a video investment is easy:

Video Marketing Grows Revenue

Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

Video Marketing Boosts Traffic

Video boosts traffic from search engines 157%.

Video Marketing Boosts Conversions

Landing pages with videos increase conversions 80%.

Video Marketing Increase Click-Through Rates

Videos in emails increase click-through rates 200-300%.

Video Marketing Increase Watch Time

Users spend 88% more time on websites with video.

Video Marketing Generates ROI

73% of B2B marketers report positive video ROI.

Tell Your Story

Marketing is more than data and dollar signs. It’s also a podium for communicating who you are, what your company values and how you conduct business.

Every brand has a story, one that is inherently unique. Your narrative is a differentiator, and our animators, producers and videographers tell the story of your products, services and corporate identity.

Through visuals, we express the personality, emotion and value behind your brand. These characteristics prompt buyers to flock to you, vendors to partner with you and customers to stick with you.

Video marketing is an immersive, interactive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

What mark will you leave on viewers?

Video Marketing Examples


Are you considering implementing Video Marketing into your marketing efforts?

Below are different types of Video Marketing Strategies.

Explainer, Viral, Tutorial, Company, Logo, Project Reveal, PSA’s, Testimonial, Educational, Product, and Video Emails.

Each year, video is becoming increasingly more popular.

Did you know that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Now that is a lot of video. Are you getting through to your target audience?

Video is a great way to allow your visitors to consume a stronger and quicker marketing message is by unleashing the power of video marketing. A great strategy is geared towards getting found by prospects, converting them to leads and turning them into customers.

Your Vision in Action

Have an idea? We bring it to life. Not sure where to start? Your dedicated video team works directly with your company to understand its brand, its vision and its future.

We develop custom video solutions that serve your needs and marketing goals. It’s lights, camera, convert.

We’re Here To Help Your Business

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