What's inspiring me: Best places to close a deal, business books and podcasts - DBT

What's inspiring me is a regular feature highlighting the books, websites, podcasts and other media that influence business leaders in Delaware. If you would like to submit your inspiration, please fill out our survey here: www.surveymonkey.com/r/DBTInspire Travis J. Rothstein - ConnecTheDot LLC, Middletown Business book: "The Simple Truths of Service: Inspired by Johnny the Bagger," by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz.


Local Advertising Strategies and Market Forecasts. How verticals spread their dollars across media channels tells a story on growth, decline and opportunity for national, regional and local businesses. What should local media companies do to capture their share of the ad dollars set to be spent? This expert panel will give you answers.

Find out what 'Dexter' is up to in his lab - Travis Rothstein - Medium

Many experts advise you to follow your passion and the money will follow. While this may seem like good advice, the Internet is such a vast landscape that to maximize the potential that your passion matches what people are actually searching for online you need a better plan.

Double Your Real Estate Sales - Travis Rothstein - Medium

Real Estate Agents... Are you up for a challenge? Ok, how about this. What if I told you that you could DOUBLE YOUR REAL ESTATE SALES! Don't Waste Valuable Time by Trying to Figure it All Out by Yourself...Let us Help!

Doing an ad campaign for my own agency opened my eyes to these 3 lessons - Technical.ly Delaware

You might assume that - as the founder and CEO of an advertising agency - creating, developing and executing an advertising campaign would be easy, right? I mean, our agency does this for so many others. But to be honest, it was quite an eye-opening experience.

ConnecTheDot Takes 1st Place In 2017 Delaware Press Association Communications Contest

Delaware Press Association 2017 Communications Contest The annual DPA Communications Contest, open to all professional communicators in Delaware, encourages and rewards excellence in communication. Judged by out-of-state communications professionals to ensure impartiality, the contest provides an opportunity to compete in various print or electronic broadcasting fields. All DPA contest

New marketing and advertising firm ConnecTheDot draws on experience to help businesses

This is the story of two men from corporate America who after working for years in the advertising industry finally decided to go on their own. No, it's not about the AMC TV show "Mad Men," it's about ConnecTheDot. "I'm the Don Draper of ConnecTheDot," said Travis Rothstein, the CEO and founder of the company.

ConnecTheDot & Twisted Frozen Yogurt Ribbon Cutting

June 9, 2016 Ribbon Cutting ConnectheDot & Twisted Frozen Yogurt Welcome to ConnectheDot & Twisted Frozen Yogurt! Enjoy refreshments, networking, prizes and check out the area's newest yummy yogurt place & meet their marketing firm!

Lucky Pub Shuffle

Join the MACC for a Lucky Pub Shuffle Enjoy Middletown s Pubs for a St Patty s Celebration MOT Style Frog Hollow Pub Sul...

Social Media Sunday with the Delaware Blogger Esp #41

If you are an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new business, you're not alone because there are more than 640,000 new businesses being launched in the U.S. each year. Small businesses are the backbone of today's economy and they need to brand themselves to stand out from the crowd.