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A one-sheet is a single-page document that showcases a specific product or service with the goal of promotion. Think of a one-sheet as a snapshot of a particular part of your business that includes the most relevant and valuable information for a specific target audience.

A one-sheet is not meant to summarize all of your services, but instead to highlight one focused part of your business. If you sell multiple products, you would create a one-sheet for each product. A one-sheet is a tool designed specifically to spark potential clients’ interests through a message that is clear, focused, and concise.

Your one-sheet can be used to capture more clients, to show current clients the variety of services you offer, and as a tool for referral partners when they recommend you.

What you can expect from us:

  • A clearly defined goal

  • A catchy and sticky tagline

  • Engaging content

  • Professional creative design

  • A clear call to action

  • You’ll receive .ai, .eps, .png, .jpeg, .pdf, .psd source files

What we need from you:

Step 1: Sign up (takes less than 2 minutes)

Click on the Subscribe button to begin the process. First, you’ll enter your payment details on a secure page, once the payment is verified it will direct you to a payment success page. Check your inbox right away for your ‘Getting Started’ email and confirmation receipt.

Step 2: Tell us more about your business

Next, you’ll provide details about your business, and information about the type of leads you are looking for. Inside the ‘Getting Started’ email there will be a link to a form (CLICK HERE FOR FORM) where you will enter your confirmation number from your receipt (inside the ‘red’ box) and personal/company information. Then submit the form to our graphic design department.

Please include the following:

  • Logos/graphics/assets to be included in the design
  • Branding style guide
  • Design preferences
  • Content…Content…Content

Step 3: Let the design team work their ‘mojo’

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Within 24-48 hours after the graphic design team receives your design form, you will be provided your first design concepts.

Step 4: Make changes and finalize

After you receive your first design concepts any changes needed from this point will take 24-48 hours. The design team will continue to make changes until you give the final “APPROVAL”. Once approved the design team will send you your design kit in a (.zip file) with all your file formats.


A designated graphic designer from the ConnecTheDot design team.
Yes, you will get a chance to share brand aspects in a questionnaire and conversation with the designer. They will also use your website and past content for guidance.
Of course! Every design is created from scratch…NO TEMPLATES are used.
No – copywriting and content creation are not included in any of our design services. This service is for strictly design. Also, any logo, graphic, or asset that you provide as the client assume full responsibility to copyright laws and do not hold ConnecTheDot responsible.
Over the last few years, we have received a lot of interest in one-sheets. This marketing piece gives business owners the focus they need to create a marketing piece that is goal-oriented and centered on answering their customers’ questions. Here are six things you need to include when creating a one-sheet.

  1. A clear goal:

The most important element of creating a useful one-sheet is to have a specific goal in mind. If you start by creating a strong goal, your one-sheet will be positioned to be successful in the long run. What do you want the outcome of this one-sheet to be? An increase in consultation requests? More awareness about your products? Additional strategic partnerships? More email subscribers? Setting a clear goal will help you determine what content you need to include.

  1. A catchy headline:

Your headline may be the single most important content on your one-sheet. The headline is likely the first thing your potential customer will read and it has the power to draw them in or turn them away. Since one-sheets are commonly used in busy settings (networking events, presentation seminars, client meetings, etc.), a strong and focused headline is a must-have to get you in the door.

When brainstorming headlines, focus on the problem your customer has or the solution you’re offering. Use powerful and emotion-inducing words to pull your reader in. Ask yourself if your headline creates a sense of urgency. If your headline is boring or just the name of your product, your one-sheet will likely end up in the trash.

  1. Engaging content:

No one will read boring content. Your one-sheet must be compelling and interesting to read – get away from that boring sales copy! And while this may seem counter-intuitive, the most effective one-sheets are the ones with as few words as possible. Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have ENOUGH content. You simply want to strip down your message to the most important information that your potential customer needs to know to make them ask for a follow-up conversation. Make sure to use language that offers value and support, but at the same time, don’t overwrite.

The goal is to have a focused message on one part of your business (a specific product or service, or a particular target audience). You want to offer enough information that they believe you are credible and a viable option to meet their needs, but not give them enough information to make a decision without speaking to you. Surprise your reader by having a well-crafted message that adds something positive to their day.

  1. Positive testimonials:

There is a lot of debate out there about testimonials these days. Many pragmatic people argue testimonials are lame because you’d never include a negative review on a marketing piece. However, when faced with a buying decision, many business owners prefer to have someone else validate the product or service they are considering purchasing.

By including a focused, specific, and positive testimonial on your one-sheet, you provide a bit of external validation. Do your best to only include a testimonial that is relevant to the services your one-sheet is about. Also, limit yourself to only one or two testimonials.

  1. Professional design:

Similar to your headline, the design can make or break your one-sheet. If the layout and colors are dated, boring, or sloppy, you will turn your reader away. Consumers see amazing design on a daily basis, while your one-sheet doesn’t have to be a piece of fine art, it must be professional.

The colors and patterns should also be consistent with your other marketing materials so that your customers begin to recognize your style. Work with a professional designer to create a piece that highlights your content, is easy on the eyes, and is inspiring to look at.

  1. A clear call to action:

Your call to action is usually the last thing on your one-sheet. This is where you give your potential customer directions on what to do next. Whether you want them to set up a consultation, make a donation, or visit your website, make sure you are clear and specific. Your customers typically won’t take the next step on their own without some form of guidance. Make it easy for them to know what to do and how to get in touch!