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Tip-Ons get attention. Just pulling a plastic card off its paper backing may not seem like much, but it will make an impact on your customers, clients, prospects, and neighbors. Tip-Ons show off your business. Maybe a refrigerator magnet with your hours and phone number so hungry people call YOU for takeout? Or maybe a coupon for 10% off, or a buy one, get one offer?

Here’s a Tip – get more business with Tip-On Printing

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something stuck to the back of your cereal box? Or perhaps you found some restaurant coupons clinging to the outside of your Sunday paper? These fun extras attached to everyday print products use the Tip-On gluing process – and they get noticed. Take a look, and think about a few ways Tip-Ons can change your business!

What exactly is Tip-On Printing?

The “Tip-On” process uses temporary glue called “fugitive glue” to stick two marketing pieces together – and leaves no sticky residue on the piece once it’s removed. This is an ideal way to add an extra, or bonus type message to your existing print piece. For example, a Tip-On is a great way to add a plastic gift card to a postcard; or a restaurant flyer offer to the inside of a magazine. Using the Tip-On process, you can glue virtually any two print pieces together – with each piece being able to separate and maintain its own unique value.

Why Tip-Ons?

Tip-On Printing lets you add extra standout messaging to any existing print product. The best part is your overall print presentation can evolve over time – with one glued piece changing while the other stays the same. For example, you don’t have to redesign your postcard every time you want to launch a new direct mail campaign. You can simply stick with your standard messaging on the postcard, while evolving your new customer offer to a gift card for each new mailing. Tip-On lets you keep your marketing fresh while saving on design costs.

How do you get started?

Need advice on using tip-ons on your next project? Give our helpful experts a call at 302.314.3762.

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