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ConfettiBot is a powerful conversational bot that can ask your qualification questions and create leads.

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Engage with buyers at the right moment – when they’re on your website

ConfettiBot makes it easy for you to connect with people on your website so you can answer their questions in real-time, covert way more leads, and best of all…close more sales!

Why You Should Choose Us For Your ChatBot?

🗸 Always Working

ConfettiBot is working for you 24/7. It helps you increase conversion with 28% and increases lead retrieval rates with up to 21%. All of this is taken care of, while the online experience is optimized. ​

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Make ConfettiBot answer questions of your website visitors, retrieve contact information, help people find what they are looking for, assist them with making reservations, booking or registrations and much more!

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