5 Places to Find Blog Topics in 5 Minutes

5 Places to Find Blog Topics in 5 Minutes

As an online content creator, blog topics are always floating around in my head which is why I have to have carry Post It Notes and lined pads with me wherever I go.  In my purse, tote bag, car, nightstand, bathroom countertop, everywhere.

I’ll actually wake up mad because I wasn’t able to write a blog post in my sleep, as a matter of fact some mornings after giving thanks for seeing another day, I’ll grab a pen and a pad of paper and write down the thoughts that I dreamt about.

Driving up and down 95 and 202 every day also gives me plenty of time to think and oftentimes I will be writing while driving, which I don’t recommend, but usually it’s after the rush hours when traffic is light.

However, even though there are many thoughts floating around in my head, sometimes, I must admit that there are times that nothing exciting pops into my head or I can’t think of anything to post.

I will literally be staring at a blank screen with empty thoughts, thinking, “what am I going to write about next week?”  So, when this happens, I remember these 5 places where I can always find a blog topic to write about and will keep them in a notebook for when I need them.

5 Places to find Blog Topics in 5 Minutes:

  1. Magazine Rack at the checkout lines:  as you stand there waiting for the customer in front of you with a fistful of coupons to pay for their groceries, grab a magazine or one of those “rag mags” and thumb through it.  Find an interesting article – snap a pic of the title or use an App on your phone to record it.   Think of how you can put your own spin on the article or what CTA you can ask your readers.
  2. Turn on Talk Radio:  Because of the daily 3 hours commute, I am always switching between music radio stations and talk or local news stations.  The DJ’s and anchors always reporting hot topics, so use one of them as your topic of the week.
  3. Newspaper:  We only subscribe to the newspaper for the Sunday edition, and there are several sections that are perfect for blog posts topics; Comics, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business/Finance or even the Sports section.  Find something that works for you and your audience then write about it.  Use a backlink to the newspaper article and/or author for more exposure to your own blog for more exposure.
  4. Family Life:  There is always something happening in your family that can be used as an interesting post.  Perhaps you have a DIY a Hack or a recipe to share.  If you think about it, there are many things that you take for granted that may actually be something new and useful to your readers.  Interview a member of your family, after all you are leaving a legacy with your blog, so why not include the memories of an elder which can actually be turned into a series.
  5. Interview locals: Everyone is famous in their own right, so if you are attending a local event, why not interview the organizer, get some behind the scenes info.  Heading to a new restaurant, Art Show or museum, take pics and write a post about your outing.

Let’s Chat:  Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?


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