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ConnecTheDot Provides Internal & External Customer Experience

How was ConnecTheDot formed into a business?

More and more, companies small and large have a plethora of advertising options to choose from and agencies in which you can conduct business with. Those options cause a momentous amount of spending of your hard earned dollars in areas that quite honestly are not needed.

Through a consultative and analytic approach, we provide businesses small and large with an honest assessment on what platforms of advertising and marketing will work best in their industry.  We provide a road-map to success for your business.

Everyday businesses lose sales to competition. Consumer loyalty is at an all-time low.  However, retaining customers is one of the most important aspects of a healthy business.  In today’s market it is vitally important to have a customer retention strategy.  And this is where the “Customer Experience” really comes in to play.  If you haven’t heard the term “Customer Experience” before, get ready to.  It will become one of the biggest buzzwords for businesses in 2016.  In fact, between 2016-2030, more money will be spent by businesses figuring out the Customer Experience for their business than on traditional advertising.

ConnecTheDot 3 CirclesSo what does that mean for you?

ConnecTheDot has mastered, demonstrated, and proved time after time with businesses the art of bringing a fresh, edgy approach to the Customer Experience. This approach helps build brand awareness, keeps your business in front of your potentially customers and keeps those customers coming back again and again.

ConnecTheDot helps businesses create an environment where new customers become long time, consistent customers. And those long time customers, through our methods and approach, don’t think about going to a competitor, but rather help in referring MORE BUSINESS to the businesses we work with.

ConnecTheDot is a Full-Service ad agency. The kind that believes in the power of creative, strategy, and innovation all connecting together in one place.

Our Mission: “Creating Tomorrow, Today”

Make your move, let’s play chess while your competition is playing checkers.

ConnecTheDot with us.

ConnecTheDot In The News

ConnecTheDot Takes 1st Place In 2017 Delaware Press Association Communications Contest

Delaware Press Association 2017 Communications Contest The annual DPA Communications Contest, open to all professional communicators in Delaware, encourages and rewards excellence in communication. Judged by out-of-state communications professionals to ensure impartiality, the contest provides an opportunity to compete in various print or electronic broadcasting fields. All DPA contest

New marketing and advertising firm ConnecTheDot draws on experience to help businesses

ConnecTheDot Ribbon Cutting – Giving away $5.00 of FREE frozen yogurt to first 100 people at Twisted Frozen Yogurt

ConnecTheDot Sponsors 1st Annual Small State, Small Bites Food Competition and Silent Auction

ConnecTheDot Sponsors MACCDE Lucky Pub Shuffle to raise money for a local charity

What Do Some Of Our Clients Think?

Sweet Melissa

“ConnecTheDot created a brand-new logo concept and social media design that really stands out. They brought creativity to a whole new level”

Melissa Marchione – Owner

The Grille At Back Creek

“Our new golf and restaurant logos by the talented folks at ConnecTheDot of Middletown, Delaware! Ran into this talented & local duo, ConnecTheDot! Like our logos? We have them to thank for our redesign.”

Lea Horton – Managing Partner

Vino Vita At Fromage Culinaria

“ConnecTheDot created a brand-new logo concept and social media design that really stands out. They brought creativity to a whole new level”

Christopher Pride – Owner

Elayne James Salon & Hair Color Studio

“Working with Travis Rothstein at ConnecTheDot is great! The genuine passion for what they do truly shows. Their work is amazing and I am over the moon happy with the results.”

Jessica Luppold – Owner

Fred Drake Automotive

“ConnecTheDot showed me things I was doing with my website and social media that were hurting my search rankings. They have been great to work with and in the short time we have been working together I am already seeing results with search traffic and people coming through the door. Thanks guys!”

Kiel Drake

Parkway Law

“Travis Rothstein of ConnecTheDot does a stellar job on business consulting, creative design on all mediums, overhauling your website, and marketing to existing and prospective customers. ConnecTheDot is a full-service consultant. Take your business to the next level and call ConnecTheDot today!”

Dominic J. Balascio, Esq. – Owner

1st State Staffing Solutions

“We looked at many web design companies and quickly realized ConnecTheDot was a good fit for our organization. ConnecTheDot was a great resource for helping our business to grow”.

Gary Carter – Senior Partner

Twisted Frozen Yogurt

“ConnecTheDot offers everything a new start up business needs. After taking the time to get to know me and my “vision,” they created my logo, website, and social media platforms. They are constantly suggesting ways to grow my brand and ultimately the future growth of my business. Travis Rothstein has gone above and beyond my expectations; they have become an extension of my business. My future success will be their success!”

Roseanne Erb – Owner

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Creating Tomorrow, Today!