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ConnecTheDot Provides Internal & External Customer Experience

How was ConnecTheDot formed into a business?

More and more, companies small and large have a plethora of advertising options to choose from and agencies in which you can conduct business with. Those options cause a momentous amount of spending of your hard earned dollars in areas that quite honestly are not needed.

Through a consultative and analytic approach, we provide businesses small and large with an honest assessment on what platforms of advertising and marketing will work best in their industry.  We provide a road-map to success for your business.

Everyday businesses lose sales to competition. Consumer loyalty is at an all-time low.  However, retaining customers is one of the most important aspects of a healthy business.  In today’s market it is vitally important to have a customer retention strategy.  And this is where the “Customer Experience” really comes in to play.  If you haven’t heard the term “Customer Experience” before, get ready to.  It will become one of the biggest buzzwords for businesses in 2016.  In fact, between 2016-2030, more money will be spent by businesses figuring out the Customer Experience for their business than on traditional advertising.

ConnecTheDot 3 CirclesSo what does that mean for you?

ConnecTheDot has mastered, demonstrated, and proved time after time with businesses the art of bringing a fresh, edgy approach to the Customer Experience. This approach helps build brand awareness, keeps your business in front of your potentially customers and keeps those customers coming back again and again.

ConnecTheDot helps businesses create an environment where new customers become long time, consistent customers. And those long time customers, through our methods and approach, don’t think about going to a competitor, but rather help in referring MORE BUSINESS to the businesses we work with.

ConnecTheDot is a Full-Service ad agency. The kind that believes in the power of creative, strategy, and innovation all connecting together in one place.

Our Mission: “Creating Tomorrow, Today”

Make your move, let’s play chess while your competition is playing checkers.

ConnecTheDot with us.

Our “5 Stage” M.O.N.E.Y. Method Produces Results

Stage 1


This initial meeting is where everything begins. During this meeting ConnecTheDot discovers critical information about your business, business goals, internal employees and customer information. Stage 1 happens to be the most critical and completely sets the stage for the future.

Stage 2


After our initial meeting during Stage 1 we move into Stage 2. From here ConnecTheDot develops a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically for your business to drive exceptional results.

Stage 3


During Stage 3 ConnecTheDot navigates through each piece of the plan and implements the strategy created during Stage 2 one-by-one. During navigation your business beings to feel the effects that are put into place.

Stage 4


During Stage 4 the “Magic” starts to materialize. Stage 4 is the most exciting stage. Why? ConnecTheDot helps your business transform into elite, tactical, and top notch better versions of themselves. The strategy that was implemented in Stage 3 has been in motion and the impacts start to take form. Business starts to pour in.

Stage 5


During Stage 5 ConnecTheDot YIELDS. We monitor each piece of the developed strategies success. We correct, tweak and/or adjust as needed. During this final stage we assist your business as much as needed. Here we provide our “MONEY Method Proven Technique” illustrating how to maintain your customers moving forward.

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Creating Tomorrow, Today!